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Let me introduce myself

Hi! I’m Lizzie, the freelance graphic and website desiger behind Lillabee Designs. I’ve always had a passion for design - its had a place in my life ever since I taught myself how to build websites and create branding 10 years ago and I continue to learn to this day so that I’m always on top of the current design developments.

I'm absolutely passionate about designing which means every day I’m excited to get up and get to my computer to keep working on your designs. You can always be confident that there is 100% dedication going into your work, and as a perfectionist I'll be constantly striving to create the best work possible.

When I’m not designing, I like doing other creative hobbies such as planning, upcycling, and designing stationary that I sell in my Etsy store. In my spare time I also work on regaining my fitness, as I was disabled for 2 years after an illness, and I'm working on getting my body back.

Read on to get to know me a bit more and see why I’m a great person to bring your ideas to life!


Throughout my childhood I always had a strong interest in branding and design, but initially I focused more on fine art skills. However when I was 14 I first learnt about the ability to create your own websites, and wanting a place to showcase my artwork, I began learning about the basics of HTML and CSS.

Since those early days, my skills have come on tenfold and I have the design experience to back that up. Thrown in at the deep end, for my first client I was responsible for the entire visual marketing from day 1 of their start up and provided a wide variety of graphic and web design services.

In the four years since then I’ve worked with a very diverse range of clients, allowing my design skills to flourish and to prove myself in a number of different genres. Visit the portfolio to see those examples!


All designers have areas they are slightly stronger or weaker in than others. My best and most valued skill is to turn almost any basic HTML frame into a thing of beauty using only CSS without adding any unnecessary applications or complicasted code. When you pair that with my very strong grasp of HTML and excellent usage of Photoshop and Illustrator to create the visual designs - your end product is a very high quality piece.

I also value my ability to create content focused user interfaces & wireframes, where the end product is designed for the content, rather than the content being an after thought.

More complex development protocols such as Java and PHP are a less strong area for me, but I will never take on a project unless I am 100% sure I can deliver a first class result. That means areas I’m less confident in will never be passed on to you.


Unlike a lot of designers, I didn’t take a degree in visual arts or design. Instead I studied sociology and night lighted in design in my own time - spending all my spare hours honing my design skills and taking on projects everywhere I could.

Taking sociology has given me a unique perspective on the way that we as humans craft our opinions and tastes and as such I have learnt to translate this into a fantastic understanding of user experiences when it comes to websites. I love to think about your target audience and learn about exactly how they will interact with your site or graphics to bring you the best results posssible.

Since then I have also enrolled in several online development courses to help me fill in any gaps with my programming knowledge to ensure my continued professional development.

Areas of Expertise

Design Process

Sketching ★★★★☆
User Interface★★★★☆
Visual Mockups★★★★★
Web Development★★★★☆
User Training★★★★☆



Markup Languages


Professional Tools

Photoshop ★★★★☆
Pen & Paper★★★★☆

End Products

Colour Schemes★★★★☆
Business Cards★★★★★
Large Format★★★★☆
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