See it and believe.


When you intrust your organisation's appearence to a designer you’ll want to feel comfortable that they can deliver something that will appeal to you and respresent you in the best way possible. The easiest way for me to convince you that I can do this is for me to showcase you my previous work.

You’ll notice that there are a wide range of styles, demonstrating my versatility in design, and that the clients I have worked with in the past vary immensely in size, market and branding. I hope that this shows you that I can handle your image with care, tailoring it to the values of your orginsation and not fitting it into a design style that doesn’t work for you.

For some of these clients, I worked with them from scratch, from logo and brand creation all the way to website and stationary, whereas others I continued where others had left off and carried their current brand image through into their new projects.

Please take your time to look through this portfolio, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can navigate by clicking on the logos of each client. For those who I have done multiple pieces of work for, there will be a slideshow you can click through.

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