Flexible payment schemes to work with your budget.

Your Payment Options

I believe that good design is of the upmost importance in making a business or charity look professional and worthwhile, but I appreciate that not everyone has the same resources to make that happen. That's why I offer flexible payment options to work out the best budget for you. When we first meet or talk, we’ll look at your budget and see which out of the following has the best option for you. Each has their own pros and cons so have a read through and think about what would work for you.
Hourly Rate


Only pay for as long as the project takes

Unlimited Revisions

With my hourly rate, you pay for each hour I take on your project. This is great if you have a flexible budget as it means that you have unlimited revisions to the design so we can craft something which is completely a reflection of your needs.

I use time keeping software whidch calculates my rate to the minute so you’re not charged extra for rounding up to the hour.

Fixed Rate


No surprises

5 Revisions Included

Rates start at £100

If you have a more fixed or limited budget, this is a great option. It often means I can design you something a bit more simplistic if you have a low budget rather than charging you more for something that you don’t need.

With this option there are no surprises as you know what you’re paying in advance. However regardless of project, rates start at £100 so if you have a very small project the hourly rate is probably more suited.

Student & Not-for-Profit


Hourly or fixed rate

Discount applied on proof of student or not for profit.

If you have proof that you are a student business or a charity, I have discounted rates to help you get your visuals off their feet.

You can choose whether you want an hourly or fixed rate. With the hourly rate, you’ll have 15% deducted from the invoice created with my normal rate. With a fixed rate, we simply agree on a price which is fincanically viable with your budget, with rates starting at £85.

But how much will my project cost?

Every project is different but here’s a guideline for you to get an idea of how much different types of work will cost. This is not a guarantee that your quoted proice will be this price but is instead meant as a rough guide to help with your expectations of what it could cost. Most projects will be somewhat more than these guides unless they're fairly simple but for a more accurate quote, give me an email and I’ll let you know how much I think you’ll be paying.
Logo: from £69
Colour Schemes: from £23
Website: from £345
Poster: from £46
Brochure: from £183
Stationary: from £46
Business Cards: from £46
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