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These terms of service set out the contract between Lillabee Designs and the Client for the supply of the Services in accordance with these terms and conditions in order to protect both the rights of the designer and the client and ensure a clear working relationship.


1.1 Pricing Structures

Lillabee Designs offers the following pricing structures, which the client can choose and agree upon when completing the Project Contact Agreement before any work takes place:

i. Payment by the hour

Payment by the hour is charged at £23 / hour starting at the minimum rate of 3 hours. All projects with a time of less than 3 hours will be charged at this base rate (£69) to account for the administration costs of taking on a client, which exist regardless of project size.

Current hours elapsed will be provided to the client at with every design draft that is sent to allow the client to remain appraised of their spending.

With prior arrangement a maximum hours cap may be arranged with the designer to prevent exceeding the clients budget. In the case of an hours cap, once the limit has been met the client will have a total of 2 revisions allowed within the cap, and further revisions will be charged at an hourly rate. However the designer will inform the client of this policy during the design process and no further revisions will take place without the signed consent of the client in an Additional Revisions Contract for agreement to pay the additional hourly rate.

ii. Payment by complete project

Clients also have the option of paying for design services by project rather than by hour. The price of this will be calculated by estimating the number of hours involved, which will then be the agreed upon price for the project. Prices for projects start at £100 and include a fixed number of revisions, which will be agreed upon in the Fixed Project Contract document, which will be issued to the client on agreement of this pricing method. This price of the project will only be changed if more revisions are needed than agreed upon in the initial contract, and as with the hourly rate cap system (noted above), if further revisions are needed these will be agreed upon in an Additional Revisions Contract.

iii. Additional costs

The client has the right to decide whether additional project costs will be paid for by the designer and added to the invoice, or whether the designer will instruct the client on purchases that need to be made so that they can be paid for separately by the client. These additional costs include but are not limited to stock photography, domain names, website hosting, printing, and non-standard fonts. The client will be always be notified of any foreseen additional costs, and where possible be given alternatives - for example, the client may be able to provide their own photos rather than using stock images.


2.1 Invoicing

Lillabee Designs uses timekeeping software by Freshbooks to accurately track the time spent on a project, and generate an accurate invoice to the client. The client has the right to request to view a subtotal summary of hours worked at any time.

2.2 Payment Schedule

Lillabee Designs requires clients to pay 30% of the cost of a project upfront. This is a non-refundable deposit, unless there is a reason the designer needs to cancel the project, in which case all payments will be refunded. This deposit is in place to protect the designer from incurring costs if they begin a project which the client later decides to cancel. If the project is unusually large it is at the discretion of the designer to ask for a further percentage payment mid way through the process, however this will always be outlined in the Project Contract Agreement. In the case of work paid for by the hour, the deposit will be calculated from the project estimate.

The remaining cost will usually be required to be paid upon completion of the project. However if the project is particularly large, payment terms may be agreed to allow percentage payments at specified points throughout the job, to allow the designer to be paid regularly and for the client to not incur large costs all at once. This will be agreed upon in the Project Contract Agreement which is filled out and signed before any work is done to agree upon terms for the work.

2.3 Late Payment

Once an invoice has been issued clients are expected to make a payment within 14 days, unless otherwise specified in the Project Contract Agreement, otherwise late payment fees will be incurred. For every week that an due invoice goes unpaid, after the 14 day grace period, a 5% increase of the invoice will be added and due to be paid along with the original invoice.

For example an invoice of £100 that was not paid after 14 days would incur an additional £5 charge which would be added to the invoice for every additional week unpaid. This does not apply to clients who have set up an extended payment schedule in their Project Contract Agreement.

2.4 Payment Method

Once an invoice has been issued, the client is required to pay the balance of the invoice within 14 days. Deposits will be deducted from the invoice amount so only the balance is paid upon completion. Payment is accepted via bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or cheque. Credit card and PayPal payments can be paid using the payment page of the client area on the Lillabee Designs website, or using the link to the online invoice generated by Freshbooks.


3.1 Rights and Ownership

All services provided by Lillabee Designs for the client will be for the exclusive rights of said client, and will not be found sold anywhere else. Upon full payment the client gains all rights to the work produced for use online and in print, and has full ownership of the work.

3.2 Unpaid work

If work is not paid for, the designer retains the rights over their work until such a time that the work is paid for in full. If a client takes and uses work that has not been paid for (unless the work was provided on a voluntary basis), Lillabee Designs reserves the right to pursue legal action to demand payment or to request the client desists in the usage of unpaid for work.

3.3 Portfolio Usage

The designer retains the right to share the completed work in their design portfolio and social media platform, unless previously agreed in the Project Contract Agreement. Clients may request a Non-Disclosure Agreement that will prevent the designer using the work done for the client in their portfolio or publicising the work done in any way, for the agreed upon length of the non-disclosure agreement.


4.1 Deadline Agreement

At the beginning of the project the designer will work with the client to set deadlines for all stages of the project to give a time-line of work. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all information they need to give to the designer for each stage has been passed over in a timely manner to enable the designer to meet the agreed upon deadlines.

Deadlines will be agreed before work begins to ensure that the designer is able to complete the clients work within the necessary time frame. This will be detailed in the Project Contract Agreement.


5.1 Contact Information

The designer can be reached by email at info@lillabeedesigns.co.uk and between the hours of Monday to Friday 9-5, communications will endeavour to be replied to within 6 hours, and no more than 12 hours. Lillabee Designs can also be contacted at 07891 749367, and Skype consultations can be set up upon request.

5.2 File Transfer

Files and drafts will be sent to the client using email or Dropbox. All work undertaken is backed up on Dropbox on a daily basis.

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